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A selection of 10 traditional curry dishes from Aktar Islam. The weekly box serves up to 6 in one sitting or several meals for two, all the boxes come with rice and breads. 

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For collection on the 24th or national home delivery on the 25th of September  

  1. Murgh Tak a Tak – A typical Lahori curry, chicken cooked with onions and tomatoes, cooked on a skillet with dry spices producing a rich spiced dry curry 
  1. Mutton Yakhni Pulao (D)–  Fragrant Kashmiri style biryani, stewed mutton and basmati spiced with cloves, cardamom and mace
  1. Aam tok fish curry Bengali fish curry, cod simmered sauce spiced with whole coriander and green chilli soured with unripe mango and indian olive
  1. Beef Khaliya peppery beef bhuna cooked with caramelised onion and black pepper tempered with roasted garlic
  1. Lahsuni Dhal (D)Classic Bengali style red lentils cooked with tomato tempered with garlic and black mustard seeds
  1. Matter Paneer (D) Punjabi style paneer cooked with green peas simmered in a creamy tomato sauce 
  1. Aloo RashedarPopular potato curry served with roadside dhabas. Waxy anya potato simmered in fragrant curry spiced with fennel seed and Kashmiri chilli
  1. Subji Seasonal mixed vegetable curry
  1. Naan & Paratha (G) – Unleavened flatbreads 
  1. Pakora Onion in a spicy fenugreek and caraway batter
  1. Somosa (G) Filled with potato

         Chutneys – Tamarind 

Dietaries: is not suitable for any onion, garlic, dairy or tomato allergies. 
(G) Gluten
(D) Dairy


All curries are prepared to be reheated quickly in a pan ready to serve. Occasionally some dishes will require reheating in the oven but at most we expect nothing longer than 20 minutes for any part of these curry dishes. Similarly, all are suitable for freezing down should it appear too much for a single sitting.

With certain menus you may be required to roast whole joints/chicken, the fish is always marinated and will require you to pan fry and simmer in the sauce provided.


Aktar develops a unique menu for these boxes from week to week and decides what he will be preparing across the weekend prior to collection or delivery. The template will always stay the same with a selection of traditional regional curries from across all of India but can not guarantee exactly what will be on there until we confirm menus; usually on the Friday before collection or delivery date.

Advised for one box to serve 4 people; the box is a considerable amount of food.

Similarly, we are unable to alter or swap dishes for dietary requirements but hope the selection would be sufficient for all.

If you have forward ordered please check this page a week before to see what menu you will be receiving, the menu is also published on the @aktarathome instagram feed.


  1. Chicken Saagwala North Indian style chicken curry with spinach, fenugreek and mustard greens
  1. Achaari Gosht (D)(N) –  Uttar Pradeshi style mutton stewed in pickling spices with dried Kashmiri chilli
  1. Hyderabadi Fish Curryfish simmered in raw mango, fennel and cumin sauce
  1. Kachi Biryanislow cooked marinated beef and potato biryani from Dhaka
  1. Rajasthani Kari (D)Soy and mixed beans simmered in yoghurt tempered with chilli and garlic
  1. Baghara Dhalblend of lentils tempered with mustard seed and curry leaves
  1. PoryalSouth Indian style hispi cabbage, coconut and chilli
  1. Aloo Matarnew potatoes and green peas simmered in a spicy tomato curry
  1. Pakora onion in a spicy fenugreek and caraway batter
  1. Somosa (G)filled with potato
  1. Chutneys – Tamarind & Raitha


Dietaries (D): Is not suitable for any onion, garlic or tomato allergies.


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